Regional Planning and Official Plan Updates

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Waterloo Region’s Official Plan, or ROP, outlines the long term vision for transportation, urban density, infrastructure, housing, agricultural lands and more to ensure quality of life and environmental protection in the region. The plans are guided by the Ontario Planning Act, the Provincial Policy Statement, and the Places to Grow Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The ROP is reviewed on a regular basis with opportunities for public comment and our community just completed the next 30 year plan until 2051 in August, 2022 which was passed with strong support from all area municipalities.

The province has yet to approve our Official Plan and has been destroying Official Plans by other Ontario communities in a dubious quest to build 1.5 million homes at any cost in the next 10 years. We don't want to see massive farmland loss and our Mennonites forced off their farms. We want the sustainable plan for affordable, complete communities outlined in the Regional Official Plan that was so strongly supported by our citizens, community groups, and elected officials.

We encourage everyone in Waterloo Region to speak up and ensure their voice is heard on the future that that they would like to see for our Regional Official Plan.

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All background material on the ROP is available for public comment on the Engage Waterloo website.


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